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Types of Carpets

Types of Carpeting

At Carpet One Floor & Home of Concord and Clayton, CA we’re the region’s top carpeting experts and can help you find the perfect soft-surface flooring to meet your style and needs. With our vast inventory of carpeting options, we promise you’ll have plenty of beautiful possibilities to ponder. Deciding on carpeting can be a vexing process, but understanding the capabilities of each carpet’s fibers, or pile, will go a long way in determining how any type of carpeting will look, feel, and function in your home or business

Carpet Fiber

Nylon is a synthetic fiber that’s prized for its sturdiness and strength, as well as its soft texture. Nylon pile can be woven into a wide variety of patterns and colors, and is one of the most durable carpeting types available.


Polyester is another type of synthetic fiber that has a look and feel quite similar to nylon. This affordable carpeting was once considered inferior to nylon, but today’s polyester carpeting options offer a density and endurance that’s comparable to nylon carpets.


Olefin is a synthetic fiber that’s typically woven into Berber-type carpeting. Vibrant in color and extremely sturdy, olefin works well in many different settings.


Triexta is a heavy-duty synthetic fiber that’s prized for its stain-fighting abilities. Triexta carpeting is favorited by busy homeowners with pets and little kids. It’s also widely favored in the business and hospitality sectors.


Wool is a natural fiber offering serious warmth and softness. These colorful carpets are naturally resistant to odor, mildew, and moisture, and can last for many years if cared for properly.

Types of Carpeting

Your carpeting’s construction plays a major role in performance, so it’s important to choose your next carpet with care.


Cut pile carpeting is woven into fiber loops, which are then trimmed at varying lengths. Cut-pile carpeting readily conceals debris and footprints.


Loop pile carpeting maintains the looped endings for smoother surface that is extremely sleek in appearance. It adds instant texture, with varying lengths of these fiber loops.


Cut-loop carpeting merges aspects of cut pile and loop pile, for a carpeting that’s extremely textured

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