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Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring Guide


Hardwood flooring is a long and storied tradition in American homes. Traditional and long-lasting, hardwood flooring is renowned for its natural beauty, its craftsmanship, and its transformative abilities. Modern innovation has now made it possible for hardwood flooring to be enjoyed in spaces where this previously wasn’t an option.



If properly nurtured, your hardwood flooring will add significant ongoing value to your property. Rich, lush grains add depth to your space and can make your rooms appear larger than they actually are. This is just one of the many things we love about natural hardwood flooring. That being said, hardwood isn’t a good fit for every room – or for every occupant.



Are you considering hardwood for your next home project? Read on: we can help you to make an informed – and beautiful- decision that you’ll love living with.



Expert Advice - Hardwood Styles

Join our very own Jim Aaron, VP of Merchandising for

Carpet One Floor & Home, for some information on all

the different looks and style available in hardwood floors.




Hardwood Species

Which type of hardwood flooring is right for you? Whether you prefer engineered or solid hardwood, you’ll also need to decide on which wood species will work best. There are many, many different options: from American classics like oak, maple, and pine, to exotic hardwoods from distant shores, like mahogany and cork. You’ll find all your favorites here – and most likely discover some new ones, as well.


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Solid vs Engineered Hardwood



Solid hardwood flooring, which is the original form of hardwood flooring, is crafted using single, solid planks of various wood species. Beautiful and bold, solid hardwood plank appeals highly to traditionalists. It’s also a nice choice for those who redecorate frequently, since it can be refinished over and over again.



Engineered hardwood flooring can be used in spaces where solid hardwood isn’t recommended. This modern answer to hardwood is crafted in durable layers, and often comes with a water-resistant core. Engineered hardwood is made to handle humidity better than its solid cousin. It is also more cost-efficient.



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Our Hardwood Flooring Selection


At Carpet One Floor & Home in Concord, we’re the region’s most trusted hardwood flooring experts. We love helping our clients discover hardwood flooring they’ll love for years to come. As proud members of the nation’s largest cooperative of independent flooring stores, we boast the buying power of over a thousand vendors. Visit us at 1650 Concord Avenue soon, and explore our ever expanding inventory of engineered and solid hardwood flooring.



Carpet One Floor & Home in Concord is proud to provide hardwood flooring to Clayton, CA.



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Rustic River emphasizes wood's natural character.


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Invincible Hardwood offers premium durability.



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Voyager offers bamboo and cork flooring.






Learn More About Hardwood


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Choose Hardwood

There are many reasons why you should choose

hardwood flooring for your home. Learn more

about hardwood.




Hardwood Installation

Hardwood can add value to your home

setting. Learn about hardwood installation.




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Hardwood Maintenance

Visit our Flooring Guide to learn about hardwood

maintenance. We'll help you care for your

hardwood floors.




Solid vs Engineered Hardwood


Solid and engineered hardwoods may look a lot

alike, but there are some very important differences

for you to consider during your upcoming floor-shopping trip. 






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