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Wood Look Tile Flooring

Wood look flooring is increasing in popularity due to its versatility and how far the visuals have come. Tile flooring is part of the wood look trend, and comes in several different styles. Tile is known to be a durable versatile flooring product and because of that it has become a popular wood look option. Both ceramic and porcelain tile comes in wood look options. It is designed to replicate the aesthetic appeal of natural wood, and is much longer lasting.

Wood look tiles are made by printing a digital image onto a porcelain or ceramic tile. Wood naturally features variations, and with wood look tile you can also get the look of variation if you choose a higher end tile. Just like hardwood, wood look tiles come in planks and can even vary in size to give off a more realistic look.

Bel terra tile

Benefits of Wood Look Tile

There are so many benefits to installing wood look tile flooring in your home. For example, wood look tile does not need to be refinished like hardwood does. Tile is also much easier to clean and does not require as much regular maintenance. Although hardwood floors are durable to an extent they do require to be regularly cleaned with only select products, and after a few years need to be refinished. Wood look tile is much easier to care for than hardwood, requiring only occasional mopping and sweeping to prevent build up on the surface of the tile and can resist almost all stains and scratches that hardwood cannot.

You can install wood look tile all through your home unlike hardwood. Porcelain tile is durable and resistant to heat and water, so you can install wood look flooring in places like your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, even in the mudroom. Not only can you have a unique style, but now you can have a unified look to your home by extending your wood look tile into multiple spaces.

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