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Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl has changed the way we think about flooring. Now, if you choose wood or stone look luxury vinyl flooring, you can have the expensive high-end looks you want without breaking the bank. Carpet One Floor & Home in Concord, CA is your local retailer for all things luxury vinyl, and we are here to offer you an alternative to traditional tile flooring. Luxury vinyl is a rapidly growing flooring category and is very popular among homeowners. There are several benefits that come along with installing luxury vinyl tiles in your home, continue reading below to learn more.

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Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile

If you love the natural look of stone and tile flooring, then consider installing luxury vinyl tiles in your home. What makes luxury vinyl tiles more desirable is that there is no risk of cracking or chipping due to constant foot traffic. The thick, multilayer construction makes these tiles durable and more comfortable to walk on all day. Luxury Vinyl Tiles meet the green building standards for commercial applications, so when you install this flooring in your home, you are installing a quality flooring built to last.

Luxury vinyl tiles are just as diverse in style as natural tiles. Mosaic and checked patterns are popular among contemporary stylists. Make your home stand out from the rest and create your own unique flooring design. Mixing multiple tile shapes and colors can result in a unique and eye catching statement.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Care and Installation

Just like natural tile, luxury vinyl tile requires minimal maintenance. As long as you keep a regular cleaning schedule and clean up messes as soon as you can, you can count on your floors looking great for a long time.

Compared to natural tiles, luxury vinyl tiles are much easier to install and come in either click or peel-and-stick options. Luxury vinyl tile can be installed over existing plywood or concrete subfloors as long as the surface is flat, smooth and structurally sound.

We all know accidents happen, if one of your tiles suffers damage it is easy to replace compared to normal tiles. Sold in individual tiled packs as opposed to a vinyl roll, damage to a center tile is no longer a nightmare. You can simply replace the tile instead of trying to patch up or replace the whole flooring.

To learn even more about luxury vinyl tiles and to see our full collection, be sure to visit our showroom!

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